The Benefits

Comfortable fit prevents fatigue
You no longer surface from a dive with aching jaws and teeth! Unlike other “orthodontic” mouthpieces on the market, the revolutionary design of the Manta-Bite uses your cheeks, not your teeth, to retain the mouthpiece.

Keeping mouthpieces in place requires divers to clench their teeth. Over time, this continuous clenching can cause muscle and diver fatigue and sore teeth and jaws not to mention your mouthpiece won’t last. The specially designed "Manta Wings" lock into your cheeks making teeth clenching a thing from the past. In fact, the more a diver relaxes his jaws, the tighter the Manta-Bite locks in.

This will especially appeal to any diver with TMJ problems or removable dental appliances. Diver with missing back teeth or dentures won’t believe the struggle to hold in a mouthpiece is over! The design of Manta-Bite can eliminate stress on expensive dental work and makes the Manta-Bite the most comfortable mouthpiece on the market.

Safety is most important
According to DAN's 2000 report on diving injuries and fatalities, drowning is the primary cause of death in up to 70% of reported diving fatalities.

Once a diver loses consciousness his jaws relax and the regulator falls from his mouth. If still breathing, the diver will drown. While other factors are involved in losing consciousness, if drowning occurs, the fact is, the diver was still breathing. The ability of the Manta Bite mouthpiece to retain the regulator in an unconscious divers mouth allows the remaining air supply to support the diver. This extends the window for his/her rescue time.

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