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"Itís nice to surface from a dive and not feel like I have lockjaw! No more headaches or sore teeth. Diving is much more relaxing."
- Dr. Lee, Boca Raton, FL

"2-3 dives a day and Iíve never been this comfortable."
- M. Lemke, Algonquin, IL

"Ömy jaws were less tired. If you are one of the many who suffer from TMJ problems or tend to bite through your mouthpiece you should definitely consider a Manta Bite." - S.A., Chicago, IL

ĒI found the Manta Bite to be far superior then any other orthodontic mouthpiece Iíve tried. For me it works especially well during high current dives when I am doing underwater photography. I can concentrate on the task at hand instead of being afraid Iíll lose my reg!Ē - Charlotte van Weeghel, Santa Barbara, CA - Dive Global

Surprisingly effective. Especially on long dives chasing critters, I found I could relax more and focus on my tasks at hand. Thanks Manta Bite." - David Campbell, Thousand Oaks, CA - MarineBio.com

Review by Rodaleís Scuba Diving Magazine 04/17/2002
The Manta Bite has two selling points: increased comfort and safety. The premise is that the large wings eliminate the clenching that leads to jaw fatigue and TMJ problems and also makes it impossible for the regulator to accidentally fall out of your mouth. Pretty cool stuff if it actually works, eh?

Review by Rodaleís Scuba Diving Magazine 02/18/2002
The Manta Bite Mouthpiece. It looks a bit odd, feels a bit strange, is supposed to make diving safer and more comfortable. Here is a preliminary review testing it under fairly harsh conditions.

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